Our Story


Whilst delivering capacity building and training services for non profit organisations we noticed that a fair bit of time is taken up inducting new staff.  The time it takes the HR Manager, the CEO, the Program Manager and other staff to teach a new person the way things work around here seemed costly and inefficient.

We set about trying to find a solution that was easy to use and affordable. We tried and tested a huge number of LMS’s and settled on LearnUpon as our internal engine. Then we set about making it useful for the people we know and love - non profit, for purpose organisations around the world.

I’ve seen non profit organisations struggle for resources so I set about trying to find an affordable way to induct staff and train clients…..Platform One is the result of six years of research, trial and error. I’m really pleased to be bringing this solution to non profit organisations; it is reasonably priced and organisations can sell their knowledge to the market and make money for their own missions.
— Nerida Nettelbeck, Managing Director.
Having spent the last 20+ years in the IT industry working mostly with the Australasian tertiary education sector I have had many great opportunity’s, among them, running software development teams and establishing and managing client support and project management offices. So, it is a great joy to me that I can bring my wide experience to Platform One in the provisioning and support of industry leading eLearning systems to people in the not for profit sector.
— Eveline Hutton - Director, Learning Systems

I’m excited to be working with Platform One in this new capacity. My background is 30 years of working in media and communication - mostly working with Aboriginal people. My job is to ensure that our materials are easy to understand, accessible and most of all efficient and useful for our clients
— Leonie Dickinson Digital Content Producer.

We work with organisations by identifying their strengths, then building on that capacity, and empowering them to create a better induction process for all.

Through our services and our products, everything we do ensures organisations and people work together at their best.

Wherever we work, we’re proud to be a trusted part of our clients’ structure, with flexibility, security, professionalism and good humour. We love bringing people together and making a positive difference.