What happens if my content goes out of date and I want to change things?

Easy.  As part of our package we train your staff to a level where they can make changes to existing content and can operate independently. Of course, if needed you can contact us at Support.

How technical do our staff have to be?

The software we use is accessible and user friendly.  A staff member with basic understanding of a software package such as Office 365 will find the learning portal uncomplicated and straightforward.

I can’t remember some of the things you taught me. How often can I ring up for help?

We’re so confident that you’ll find our software so user friendly that we say - “You can ring us as often as you like”.  

Is your support 24/7?

No. Our support is 8.30am - 5pm Mon to Fri, Australian Eastern and Central Standard Time.

Does my organisation still own the copyright of my content?

Yes you do.

Can I sell my courses online?

Yes you can. Contact us for further information.

Can I use my own color scheme/brand/logo?

Yes you can.



How can I learn more about creating my own content?


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