One Time Induction

Inducting new staff into your organisation can be very stressful. For one thing, you have to make sure that they fill out the appropriate paperwork. Then, you need to make sure that they read and understand not only their employment terms and conditions but all the important policies like Work Health and Safety and Bullying and Harassment. You have to schedule induction meetings with managers and peers so that they can learn the culture of the organisation and then teach them all of the systems that your workplace uses. All of that before the person can even start to learn the job.

The entire experience can leave you frustrated and annoyed, especially as you watch your valuable time get swallowed up by constant repetition ...using an online learning system can cut out the repetition for you but you have to pick the right platform for your organisation.

The wrong platform will be expensive and difficult to use and you will have to rely on an external party to set everything up for you.

An inexperienced person will miss important legislative requirements exposing your organisation to risks. And You don't have time to set this up each time there is a new person starting in the organisation.

That’s where we can help. Platform One Digital Services is a dedicated online company who know what it takes to run an effective non-profit organisation.

With over 50 years of collective experience, we know how to induct and train new staff.

And we know how to set up professional portals that meet your induction requirements and make sure that you don't miss any compliance requirements.

We love what we do and genuinely enjoy making life easier for others.

Nerida Nettelbeck