Retain Corporate Knowledge

Your organisation is full of experts about how your organisation works.  This articles talks about how to access that knowledge, keep it in house and use it to train new staff and build the skills of your team. Facilitating social learning between colleagues just got a whole lot easier.

Identify the source

Firstly, set about finding the experts within your organisation and who is willing to share their knowledge with others. You will be surprised at how many people want to put their hand up and share what they know.  An email to the whole team might look something like this: 

“We are embarking on a new learning platform where we will share our knowledge about our work with each other. The topics below all require an expert from within. Can you nominate yourself or someone else for each topic? 

  1. Managing time

  2. Staying safe on remote roads

  3. Staying safe on home visits

  4. Using the intranet

  5. Using the database

  6. Writing case notes

  7. Other....topics everyone needs to know

Reply now and let’s get started!”

Create social learning content

Once you identify your experts, it is quite easy to take a video of an interview with them.  This can be done via a zoom meeting that is recorded on the screen.  The screen recording then becomes the video you use in your learning portal.  They might also be able to write a few paragraphs or create a short PowerPoint presentation.  

Focus on short videos and bite sized chunks of knowledge that take no more than 2-3 minutes to watch, read or listen to.  Once your content is created you can start loading them onto your learning portal, and make them available to everyone. 

Make the learning available everywhere

With Platform One you can easily create a course by loading your content, start with a video, add some text, add a PDF or two and bob’s your Aunty!  You have a way to not only train new staff but also provide consistent messaging for existing staff.

Once the content is loaded onto Platform One, it is available via mobile, iPad, laptop or desktop - anywhere in the world! 

So what are you waiting a demo now. 

Nerida Nettelbeck