Steampunk World's Faire

The Steampunk World's Faire 2014

May 16-18, 2014, Radisson Hotel and Embassy Suites Hotel, Piscataway, NJ

Welcome one and all - welcome Steampunks; welcome people who aren't Steampunk at all; welcome to the fascinated and the curious, the veterans and the totally uncertain. Welcome, all of you, to one of the friendliest Steampunk events anywhere!
It's true that we're the largest ticketed Steampunk event in the world - but the World's Fair is an incredibly individual experience - you can travel through the whole event as if it were an adventure, a gigantic playground, or an enormous contraption filled with magic, wonder, and, in some places, absinthe fairies.
We are brimming with entertainment, live music, celebrations, games, theatre, social activities, things to taste and try, new experiences, lots more music, friendly people, wondrous surprises, discussions, talks, cabaret, and much, much more.